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The INOVA AERODEFESA JOINT SUPPORT PLAN is an initiative of Finep, BNDES, Brazilian Ministry of Defense and Aeronautics to support the Aerospace, Defense and Security sectors. Through the plan, the business plans of Brazilian companies contemplate themes committed to the research, development and innovation of the productive chains of the sectors.
The initiative will be coordinated by Finep through the integrated analysis of various support instruments through credit technologies, economic subsidies and cooperation projects between institutions and companies. Companies can also receive resources through equity participation.
With financial support, it intends to adopt the federal government program, create the resources for innovation, project new levels of competitiveness across the country.

In 2016 Akaer started its first project with the support of Finep. The challenge will be to add innovation in development project and technological qualification to implement an innovative factory unit at the end of 5 years.