Systems Engineering is a collaborative multidisciplinary engineering approach of managing functional and operational design solutions for the development of a wide range of systems architectures. It focuses on the compliance of customer needs early in the system development cycle, identifying and validating the applicable requirements, progressing with the prototype design implementation and achieving the series representative product throughout the system integration and verification tests.


The Systems Engineering integrates all relevant technical approaches and multidisciplinary teams into a unique effort, forming an organized development process from conceptual design to operation, considering the best design solution to comply with the technical requirements.


Akaer Systems Engineering team is able to help customers to identify and quantify systems goals by supporting the analyses related to systems and safety integration, risk management, systems safety assessment, systems and equipment reliability and deliver capabilities to meet regulatory, environmental and other required compliance throughout the organization.

core activities

  • High Level Engineering Definition


  • Integrated Product Development


  • Product and Development Accreditation


  • Safety Assessment


  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Reliability and Maintainability Analyses


  • Technical Consulting


  • System  Development


  • Development, Qualification and Certification Testing


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