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Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Akaer has a strong tradition of component development for various industries, including the automotive industry with major structures, suspensions, Powertrain components and engine components, etc. Our professionals have extensive experience in the area of technology development and services.

Below are the main analyzes performed by Akaer:

Static Analysis

  • Linear and non-linear analysis including
    • Tensile
    • Compression
    • Buckling and post-buckling
    • Crippling
    • Riveting

Dynamic Analysis

  • Modal analysis
  • Time history and spectrum analysis
  • Random response analysis
  • Modeling, dimensioning and stress analysis of structural components of motors, including static, dynamic and fatigue analysis, experimental engineering, model validation and qualification reports
  • Stress analysis and development of powertrain peripheral equipment, including static, dynamic and fatigue analysis, experimental engineering, modeling validation and qualification reporting
  • Automotive Suspension – specification, design, sizing, modeling, validation of experimental tests and qualification report
  • Failure and Root Cause Analysis
  • Design, dimensioning and stress analysis of major bus and truck structures, including static, dynamic and fatigue analysis, experimental engineering, validation of models and qualification reports
  • Finite element analysis and fatigue/durability calculations based on loading of road vehicle accelerations to understand the cracking faults detected in the crankcase and the front engine mount. Another objective is to find a technical solution to correct flaws with analysis of the original geometry and recommendation for improvements in structural integrity.
  • Numerical simulation – Understand the criticality of how a component or product set reacts under stress or vibration. Products and materials become increasingly complex. Need for structural solutions for a wide range of structural analyzes. Numerical simulation of real physical problems using a large set of special applications.




CFD Analysis

Fatigue Analysis

  • Durability and endurance, welding and spot welding fatigue analysis


Experimental Engineering

  • Coupons, components and in situ test specification, instrumentation, execution, accomplishment, analysis and documentation including material allowable campaign (static and fatigue), components fatigue characterization, and in situ operational test for strain, loading and vibration data acquisition

Thermal Analysis – Multi Physic

  • Analysis of thermal systems by FEM. Thermal loads calculation for steady state and transient conditions. Simulation of heat exchange by conduction, radiation, enclosure radiation and convection.
  • Thermal loads post processing using structural mechanical analysis.


Dynamic Systems, Impact Analysis

  • Impact simulation using a combination of CAE solutions.
  • Parametric analysis for structural optimization.

Additive manufacturing process simulation and topologic optimization

  • Topologic optimization and ADD manufacture process simulation using MSC.SIMUFAC and MSC.NASTRAN



Services provided to major OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Pratt & Whitney, Caio, Alcoa, Faccini, Mercedes, VW, Cummins, International MWM, Maxxion, Sachs, Bosch among others and the Air Force, Navy and Army of Brazil.

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