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Simulation Services

Simulation Services

According to the VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure – German Association of Engineers) in its guideline 3633, the part is a reproduction of a real system with its dynamic processes in a model. The goal is to activate discoveries transferable to reality. In a larger sense, archiving means preparing, implementing, and evaluating the specific experiments with a simulation model.

The motivation for the use of a simulation system is a real reduction of the costs of time, resources and tools, in relation to a direct experimentation. The simulated scenarios help in a conscious and consistent take, making the system leaner and more viable.


Akaer’s simulation services count on the support of 300+ professionals from various fields of activity, with capacity and execution of a production and industrialization engineering: production planning, process and process qualification, creation of manufacturing routines and assembly, analysis and testing of GD & T, CN programming and robots, design and manufacture of tools, among others.

Roadmap sample

Simulation with virtual reality validation

Equipment layout simulation combined with virtual reality

  • Models validation through an interactive view of the scenario to be implemented, identifying modifications in preliminary phases

Load and existing infrastructure capacity assessment

  • Different production scenarios evaluation allowing the complete understanding of the factory flow to identify possible bottlenecks and raise possibilities of customized and targeted adjustments

Industrial / factory plant optimization

  • Demonstrate a leaner production process option with an optimized configuration for the scenario under analysis (labor, buffer size, cost and others)
  • Em conformidade com os requisitos do cliente o processo como um todo é otimizado para alcançar resultados consistentes e com previsões realistas de paradas.

Layout simulation with application of learning curves and process failures

  • The simulation becomes closer to the real scenario when modeling the maturity evolution of the process performers and considering failures in the simulation model

Scenarios simulation with variations and identification of the best configuration of the production line

  • Multiple combinations of the process configuration and its results are presented, giving the analyst a more assertive database for decision making.

Simulation of productive plant to evaluate impact on the production of the use of variable resources

  • Equipe multidisciplinar de pesquisa e desenvolvimento focada nos problemas de simulação fabril.
  • Dedicated team with 5.000h+ of simulation experience in Plant Simulation and Process Simulate


Strong performance in various industry sectors

Services provided to major OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Pratt & Whitney, Caio, Alcoa, Faccini, Mercedes, VW, Cummins, International MWM, Maxxion, Sachs, Bosch among others and the Air Force, Navy and Army of Brazil.

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