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Structure, mechanics & systems design services

Structure, mechanics & systems design services

The most important project office in South America, with an extensive portfolio of services provided to the main national and international. Akaer has developed over the years a strong culture of integrated product development processes.

Conceptual Design

  • Complex structures, systems and mechanisms, requirements analysis and integration with all development areas.



2D e MBD Model Based Definition Detailed Design

  • Detailed design for manufacturing (primary parts and assemblies) and product assembly (parts list, technical specifications and assembly scripts)





FTA ‐ Free Tool Annotation

  • Integration of manufacturing and other types of information into the CATIA V5 solid models.

GD&T Analysis

  • Geometrical and Dimensional Tolerance analysis to define the accuracy and precision levels of specific design elements.

Mechanisms Design and Clash Analysis

  • Kinetics and clash analysis to assure system performance on complex mechanisms development.

Systems Installation Design

  • Considering zonal analysis, segregation,separation and other requirements.

Design Weight and Balance Management

  • Optimization of complex structures and systems. Monitoring and control of weight and balance in development phases.

Virtual Reality Assisted Design

  • Integrated development support tool, anticipating analysis and reducing the development cycle.



  • Development and manufacture of tooling for assembly lines, including automation.


Services provided to major OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Pratt & Whitney, Caio, Alcoa, Faccini, Mercedes, VW, Cummins, International MWM, Maxxion, Sachs, Bosch among others and the Air Force, Navy and Army of Brazil.

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