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The Akaer Group will be present at the “Dubai Airshow”, in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, an airshow that brings together internationally recognized companies in the aerospace and defense market around the world, which take the opportunity to present their recent developments. The event takes place biannually and is the only global airshow to take place since 2019.

The company will be present at the event at the Brazilian pavilion together with ABIMDE (Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries) and other national industries, with support from Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments).

The Akaer Group will be represented by the CEO Cesar Silva, the VP of Operations (COO) Fernando Coelho Ferraz, the directors Aldo da Silva Junior, Fausto Ferreira, in addition to the representative in Europe, Marco Tulio Pellegrini.

“Being at the Dubai Airshow is a great satisfaction for the Akaer Group, as we will be among the leading companies in the sector and we will have the opportunity to present our portfolio of products and services with high technological content”, stated CEO Cesar Silva.

The Middle East is a strategic region for the development of the aerospace and defense industry. Countries like Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates share an interest in conducting relevant projects to leverage the local industry, contributing to the improvement of technologies.

“The Middle East market has recently been a very important region for the Akaer Group. This is the favorable environment to strengthen ties with our current and future customers, creating new business opportunities”, said the CEO.

About Akaer Group

The Akaer Group, founded in 1992, is specialized in providing technological solutions in different areas of activity such as aerospace, defense, energy and automotive. With more than 500 highly trained employees, it has been involved in the development of strategic projects for Brazil such as Gripen, KC-390, in addition to satellite cameras. In recent years, the Akaer Group has grown at an average annual rate of 20%, with a strong emphasis on its operations in international markets.

About Dubai Airshow

Dubai Airshow is a fair held biannually in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. This year, it will be held between the 14th and 18th of November. The show brings together the leading aerospace and defense industries with an exhibition of innovative aircraft, products and technologies. For the 2021 edition, the Brazilian companies with confirmed presence are: Akaer, Atech, A.S. Avionics Services, CDS, Embraer, LACE, Mac Jee, M&K Logistics and Saipher.


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