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Engenharia Aeronáutica – Stress Engineering

Conventional Structural Analysis

  • Sizing and optimization using handling calculation and Finite Element Analysis for metallic, composite and hibrid structures

Special Requirement Analysis

  • Sudden decompression, ditching, rotor burst & wheel rim release

Special Requirements – Non-linear Analysis

  • Non-linear post buckling of skin panel using FEM
  • Floor structure and skin panel dynamic (modal and transient)
  • Ballistic armor attachments valiation
  • Impact, slosh and bird strike

Mechanism Integrated Analysis & Simulation

  • Mechanism dynamic simulation: kinematic study, dynamic transient, non-linear transient dynamics

Structural Sizing and Optimization

  • Weight reduction through structure optimization

Fatigue, Vibration & Damage Tolerance

  • Durability; Discrete and Non-Discrete Source; Frequency Response – Vibration; Transient Response – Shock

Tests, Liaison, Sustaining and Repairs

  • Structural tests (development, certification, coupon, component and full scale): specification, proposal, management, reports and correlation results
  • Structural repair analysis: difficulties in service, allowable damages, fly-by analysis, typical repairs

CFD & Thermal Analysis

  • Flight Physics: loads and pressures distribution, divergence, flutter, reversion command
  • Air conditioning and thermal comfort; Avionics cooling; Pneumatic and engine bleed air
  • Ice protection and detection; Air probes ice protection; Airframe drains; Temperature and pressure control

Certification & Documentation