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Modificação e modernização de plataformas

Full Configuration Management

Major Structural Modifications

  • Modification, modernization and recovery of aircraft structures
  • Certification reports preparation, test campaign, FTI drawings and documentation, allowing ground and testing campaigns

Aircraft Interior Refurbishment

  • New interiors development (e.g. Brazilian Presidential Aircraft) for MRO Customers
  • Structural development of monuments and interfaces with aircraft structure
  • Liners/ installations design and systems installation
  • Certification reports for the aircraft interior structure, interior systems and material characteristics testing and certification
  • Major Repairs Definition and Substantiation

Cargo and Quick Change Modifications

Structural and System Architecture Definition for Aircraft Interior Refurbishment

New System Modifications to Existing Aircraft

  • Pre-owned aircraft modifications affecting the main aircraft navigation, communication and flight control systems
  • Turn-Key solutions integrating all engineering and certification solutions to STC needs: structure/system engineering, design modification, certification reports, testing campaign, tech pubs, training and A-Kit material

Full Certification Process

Additional Capabilities

  • Functional analysis of the systems installations: ergonomic study and systems installation needs