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Projeto: estruturas, mecanismos e sistemas

Conceptual Design

  • Development of important projects in concept design phase such as EMBRAER KC‐390 and SAAB GRIPEN NG.
  • KC‐390: responsible for 17 structure concept design packages out of 34 outsourced by the OEM
  • GRIPEN NG: responsible for Rear Fuselage, Gun Section and Mid Fuselage

Structural Archteture and Conception

MBD Detailed Design

  • Integration of all design information in the CATIA V5 solid models
  • FTA – Free Tool Annotation: Integration of manufacturing and other types of information into the CATIA V5 solid models
  • GD&T Analysis ‐ Geometrical and Dimensional Tolerance analysis to define the accuracy and precision levels of specific design elements
  • Manufacturing Drawings

Mechanismis Design and Clash Analysis

  • Kinetics and clash analysis to assure system performance on complex mechanisms development

Design Weight and Balance Management

  • Weight and Balance Management through project life cycle

System Routing Definition

Electrical Systems

  • Design and Installation, Diagram Drawings and Foam Board Development

Tubing & Ducts – Parts and Intallation Design

Full Configuration Management