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Company’s innovative design reduces by 20% the weight of the mining dump-body

Akaer – a company certified as Strategic Defense Company by the Brazilian Government, with national ownership control and independent management – has won a contract in the mining market to supply four dump-bodies for trucks carrying ore. The dump-bodies are already in operation at the mine for operational evaluation. The reduction of 20% in the weight of the equipment meant the reduction of an additional 10 tons in payload, attending to the customer demand, in the constant search for greater efficiency in its productive process. Akaer’s dump-body will also have strength and treatment capable of withstanding strong impacts inherent to the ore extraction process.

Akaer used its vast experience in weight reduction projects in commercial and military aircraft to significantly reduce the weight of the dump-body and ensure the safety and durability of the equipment, meeting the goals set by the customer Reserarch & Development Board of Directors, which seeks high technological solutions for its critical operations.

“This contract is a milestone for Akaer, as we are entering a new market, breaking internal and external paradigms, overflowing aeronautical technology to other sectors of the industry,” says the president and CEO of Akaer, Cesar Augusto Teixeira Andrade e Silva.

About Akaer Group Akaer Group, founded in 1992, is specialized in supplying technological solutions in different markets such as aerospace, defense, energy, mining and automotive. With more than 350 highly trained employees, the company participated in the development of strategic projects for great OEM’s like Embraer, Airbus, Boeing, Saab and Brazilian Armed Forces (Air Force, Army and Navy).

For more information about Akaer, please contact:

Rossi Communication Valéria Rossi +55 11 9348-8562 Karen Gobbatto +55 11 3262-0884 Denise Kelen +55 12 9.8125-7800 Rossi Communication +55 11 3262-0884


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