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The partnership was possible due to the expertise of the Brazilian industry

Akaer participates in the HÜRJET program, of the Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI), and brings news to “Dubai Airshow”. The Brazilian company is concluding the development of the structure and systems of the aft fuselage of the first prototype of the new aircraft. Internationally recognized, Akaer is present at the airshow together with aerospace and defense industries from around the world.

The HÜRJET is an advanced training and light attack aircraft for two occupants in a tandem configuration. Capable of operating at supersonic speeds and equipped with modern avionics, it was designed to meet the demand for trainers capable of preparing pilots for the challenges brought by the new 5th generation fighter jets.

TAI selected Akaer as a partner for the development and detailing of the structural design, structural calculation and installation of rear fuselage systems, parts of the central fuselage and installation of the HÜRJET empennages due to its recognized expertise already demonstrated in similar programs.

“The biggest challenge in this project was to review the design and have all the documentation for the first prototype released in an extremely challenging timeframe. Meeting this challenge was only possible due to our proven experience accumulated in the development of complex aeronautical products for the defense, executive and civil aviation sectors, serving large OEM’s such as Embraer and Saab. Our history of success in similar programs and a qualified team allows us to make commitments and overcome technical challenges while meeting established schedules”, highlighted the VP of Operations (COO) Fernando Ferraz.

This project required the engagement of a significant team of engineers and technicians specialized in the areas of structural analysis, structures and systems design, systems engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality and certification, working in an integrated manner with teams from both companies located in the offices in Brazil and Turkey.

“The volume of work was quite significant, especially considering several trips during a pandemic that practically paralyzed countries and made traveling extremely difficult for the teams. Nevertheless, with seriousness and responsibility, we have overcome this challenge and, best of all, while guaranteeing the safety and integrity of everyone involved. We are finalizing the last documents of the first prototype and we are going to start studies for the second one, always looking for improvement and optimization of the product”, highlighted Ferraz.

Turkey is fast becoming a very important player in the defense market, with a preponderant focus on capacity building and development of the local industry, always having as reference the highest technological standards. Within this scenario, the selection of Akaer as TAI’s preferred technological partner in its most important projects is a great honor and crowns the company’s internationalization efforts, which has established itself as an important supplier of integrated solutions.

About Akaer Group The Akaer Group, founded in 1992, is specialized in providing technological solutions in different areas of activity such as aerospace, defense, energy and automotive. With more than 500 highly trained employees, it has been involved in the development of strategic projects for Brazil such as Gripen, KC-390, in addition to satellite cameras. In recent years, the Akaer Group has grown at an average annual rate of 20%, with a strong emphasis on its operations in international markets.

About Dubai Airshow Dubai Airshow is a fair held biannually in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. This year, it will be held between the 14th and 18th of November. The show brings together the leading aerospace and defense industries with an exhibition of innovative aircraft, products and technologies. For the 2021 edition, the Brazilian companies with confirmed presence are: Akaer, Atech, A.S. Avionics Services, CDS, Embraer, LACE, Mac Jee, M&K Logistics and Saipher.


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