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Considered one of the most rigorous to be awarded, the certificate attests to the adequacy of the Quality Management System for the development, manufacture and industrialization of aerospace and defense products

The first contract carried out in accordance with the procedures and processes required to obtain the NATO certificate is the revitalization of the wings of the FAB P-3 AM Orion

The Akaer Group obtained an important certification for the areas of development and industrialization and joined a select group of only ten companies in Brazil with the quality assurance certificate recognized by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

The scope of the AQAP 2110 certification obtained by Akaer involves the entire life cycle of the aerospace product. The first contract carried out in accordance with the procedures and processes required to obtain the NATO certificate is the revitalization of the wings of the FAB P-3 AM Orion (click here and learn more about this project). During the certification process, engineering, design, research and development services in structures, systems, manufacturing and industrialization for the aerospace and defense market were evaluated and approved.

This certificate is granted by the IFI / CSG (Institute for Promotion and Industrial Coordination IFI / Management Systems Certification Division – CSG), responsible for the certification of Quality Management systems, in accordance with NATO’s AQAP (Allied Quality Assurance Publications), and for the Governmental Quality Verification within the scope of COMAER (Brazilian Air Force Command).

The Quality Verification activity is performed by the Quality Assurance Representatives (QAR), during the term of the contract, in the organizations that provide Aeronautical Products (AP) acquired by COMAER. Through the Government Quality Assurance process, the Quality Management Systems of government supplier companies are periodically evaluated according to the scope of their certification, and the activities of development and manufacture of products are submitted to the Quality Verification process, during the duration of the contracts.

“This is an extremely relevant certification for the Akaer Group, as it is the recognition – accepted worldwide – that the company meets the requirements required by NATO to guarantee the processes of development, manufacture and integration of aerospace and defense products”, said Maria Fernanda Carneiro Novaes, Quality Director of the Akaer Group.

Certification History

Since the beginning of its activities, the Akaer Group has been guided by the most demanding standards of the markets where it operates. Certified since 2001 in ISO 9001 and since 2011 according to the requirements of Quality Management System for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations (AS9100), the company has been getting recognition from customers and certifying organizations consistently throughout its trajectory. In February of this year, it obtained the AQAP 2110 certification, being part of the select group of ten companies in Brazil recognized for the adherence of its Quality Management System to the strict guidelines of NATO.

This new certificate meets the requirements established by AQAP 2110 “Nato Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production” and consolidates the maturity of Akaer’s management system to meet the demands of the demanding defense market.

The certification process started in September 2019, with the submission of a request to the Institute for Promotion and Industrial Coordination (IFI), linked to the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA). After documentary analysis and a 1st phase audit (July/20), Akaer was considered able to proceed with the certification process, receiving the IPIC audit team in September 2020, to carry out the 2nd phase of the verification process. All organizational processes were assessed by the IPIC team, identifying compliance with AQAP requirements and recommending company certification.


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