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The company will demonstrate its defense-oriented product portfolio such as unmanned aerial systems, missile subsystems, thermal monoculars, armored vehicle modernization projects and technologies for remote target observation satellites.

One of the largest international defense fairs, Eurosatory will take place from June 13th to 17th, in Paris, France, bringing together the main companies in the sector in the world. Akaer will be present again at this event, exposing its potential in the development and manufacture of products and systems dedicated to this segment.

The company will integrate the Brazil Pavilion of Abimde (Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries), along with other national industries.

Completing 30 years of history in 2022, Akaer is experiencing rapid growth, with the signing of new contracts, the expected launch of new projects and the hiring of more new talents in progress.

Specialized in providing technological solutions in different areas, such as Defense and Aerospace, the company has its main headquarters in São José dos Campos (SP) and commercial offices in three countries.

Highlights at the fair:

Aiming to have a portfolio suited to the needs of the modern battlefield, Akaer develops a whole package of technologies dedicated to the category of missile subsystems such as infrared imaging sensors, laser proximity fuses, laser beam guidance for anti-tank missiles, laser guidance kits for rockets, and finally dual laser and imaging sensor systems. This comprehensive package meets the needs of the following types of missiles: air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-ground.

Within the category of unmanned aerial systems, the Albatross model will be presented, which stands out for its ability to transport equipment dedicated to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, in addition to its large radius of action.

The OLHAR Multipurpose Thermal Monocular provides a qualitative gain in the performance of the Defense Forces, allowing the user to observe scenarios in conditions of restricted visibility, either with light or in environments with smoke, dust, intense fog and camouflage elements, in order to support the following actions: tactical engagement by ground troops, mobile or stationary patrolling, surveillance while using military land, air and sea vehicles.

For the segment of satellites for remote observation of targets, Akaer will present its 3UCAM lens, which has among its applications the generation of high resolution images for the detection of movement of contingents such as troops and armored vehicles. In addition, the company has full capacity to develop the following technologies: optical payloads, optical heads, signal processing and payload control, conception and design of complete space missions, space systems engineering, power and mass balance, design and thermal analysis, radiation analysis, reliability, availability, maintainability and safety studies, as well as battery and control unit and power distribution for space use.

Finally, Akaer will present its armored vehicle modernization program, which has its exposure vector through technical competition and won price in the Brazilian market for the modernization of the medium reconnaissance armored vehicle on wheels EE-9 CASCAVEL.

It is a comprehensive package of improvements which includes a new engine, suspension revitalization, automated control tower for optimizing the firing position and improving situational awareness, air conditioning, replacement of optical sights with state-of-the-art optronics to search and aim of targets and identification of possible threats, an anti-tank missile launcher in its main turret, a shooting computer to perform all ballistic calculations and finally another command and control computer which will analyze in real time all the sensors spread throughout the vehicle to read the environmental parameters that may interfere with the execution of the missions.

ABOUT AKAER – On March 10, 2022, Akaer completed 30 years of activity and contribution to the development of cutting-edge technologies for the Defense, Aerospace and Industry 4.0 sectors.

EUROSATORY – The international fair takes place every two years, organized by COGES (Commissariat Général des Expositions et Salons du GICAT). More than 1,800 exhibitors and 57,000 visitors are expected in an 81,000 m2 space at the Parc des Expositions in Paris – Nord Villepinte – France.

Akaer will be at stand 8 of Abimde’s Brazil Pavilion. More information about the event can be found on the website:

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