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The project will extend the aircraft fatigue life

The structural revitalization upgrade project began at the end of 2018, when a team from Akaer – a company certified as Strategic Defense Company by the Brazilian Government, with national ownership control and independent management –participated in training at an American company, partner on this project. The first sets of wings are already in Akaer’s modern facilities, located in the company’s industrial complex in São José dos Campos (São Paulo state). Disassembly and assembly will take place at the Brazilian Air Force Air Base in Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro State).

The structural revitalization will extend the fatigue life of aircraft. For this, Akaer will replace several elements of the outer wings – top coverings, front and rear spars, upper panels of the wing and center wing box – among other actions.

The P-3AM maritime patrol aircraft mission is surveillance of Brazilian territorial waters and uses the most modern electronic sensors. Known as the “pre-salt guardian”, the P-3AM aircraft has the ability to detect, locate, identify and, when necessary, attack surface targets and submarines, helping to maintain national sovereignty. In addition to patrolling, the P-3AM is the only airborne vector capable of performing search and rescue activities in all maritime areas under Brazil’s responsibility, as well as playing an important role in protecting the environment, identifying environmental crimes.

“The Armed Forces must fulfill their missions and for this they need available equipment. In a scenario of budget constraints, the most cost effective solution is Modernization & Revitalization, which extends the useful life and increases the availability of equipment that the Brazilian Armed Forces already have. Akaer also brings a different approach from what normally OEMs and/or equipment suppliers bring. Akaer adopts solutions focused on the engineering analyzes that, at first, allow the revitalization and extension of the operational life of the existing solutions, with a minimum of intervention “, emphasizes the president and CEO of Akaer, Cesar Augusto Teixeira Andrade e Silva.

About Akaer Group Akaer Group, founded in 1992, is specialized in supplying technological solutions in different markets such as aerospace, defense, energy, mining and automotive. With more than 350 highly trained employees, the company participated in the development of strategic projects for great OEM’s like Embraer, Airbus, Boeing, Saab and Brazilian Armed Forces (Air Force, Army and Navy).

For more information about Akaer, please contact:

Rossi Communication Valéria Rossi +55 11 9348-8562 Karen Gobbatto +55 11 3262-0884 Denise Kelen +55 12 9.8125-7800 Rossi Communication +55 11 3262-0884


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