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Defense Company was the winner of the bid to upgrade an initial batch of 9 vehicles

The Directorate of Manufacturing of the Brazilian Army and Akaer Engenharia SA signed, on the afternoon of July 7th, the contract for the modernization of the EB’s EE-9 CASCAVEL medium reconnaissance armored vehicle on wheels. The contract was formalized in front of the Brazilian Army Headquarters, in Brasília (DF), with the presence of the CEO of Akaer, Cesar Silva, the Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Akaer, Aldo da Silva Junior, and the Director of Manufacture of the EB, General of Division Tales Eduardo Areco Villela.

For Cesar, the Army’s initiative to adapt the Cascavel armored vehicle to the modern battlefield, in addition to strengthening and improving the country’s Defense, also boosts the Brazilian economy. “The incentive to the Defense industry collaborates with the economic and technological development of our country, in addition to the generation of jobs.”

Also according to Cesar, it is an honor that the Terrestrial Force Consortium, led by Akaer together with its partners – Universal, a company active in the history of the EE-9 Cascavel, and Opto Space & Defense, known for developing advanced optronic systems, has been chosen for this important task for the country’s Defense industry.


The result of the bid won by the Força Terrestre Consortium for the modernization of an initial batch of 9 units of the EE-9 CASCAVEL was published in the Official Gazette on May 4 of this year.

This is a comprehensive package of improvements: new engine, suspension revitalization, automated control tower for optimizing the firing position and improving situational awareness, air conditioning, replacement of optical sights with state-of-the-art optronics for search and aim. of targets and identification of possible threats, an anti-tank missile launcher in its main turret, a shooting computer to perform all ballistic calculations and, finally, another command and control computer which will analyze in real time all the sensors spread throughout the vehicle to read the environmental parameters that may interfere with the execution of the missions.

About Akaer

Akaer, which is completing 30 years of activities in 2022, is specialized in providing technological solutions in different areas of activity such as Defense, Aerospace, Industry 4.0, Energy and Automotive. With more than 600 highly trained employees and other talent being hired, the company has developed strategic solutions for Brazil, such as the Gripen NG fighter.

Photos Credits: CCOMSEx / Subtenente Ageu & Subtenente Huelison

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