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On May 2nd, 2016, Akaer submitted a purchase offer for the Space & Defense units of Opto Eletrônica S.A., currently undergoing an organizational rearrangement.

Akaer’s goal is to ensure that the optronic technology – that took Opto Electronica decades to develop – is kept under control of a Brazilian Strategic Defense Company (SDC), so that the technology can be utilized in the Brazilian national space and defense programs expected to occur within the next few years. Moreover, Akaer intends to expand Opto´s access to international markets in order to further develop its technology and improve its financial sustainability.

“I am very pleased with Akaer’s courage and vision, it was able to perceive the technology worth and capabilities developed by Opto. Our team is motivated to begin this new phase with Akaer”, said Mr. Mario Stefani, partner and founder of Opto Eletrônica. “The investment is part of our growth and diversification strategy and is aligned with the national defense interests”, said Mr. Cesar Augusto T. Andrade e Silva, founder and CEO of Akaer.

About Akaer

Akaer is one of the largest and leading Brazilian companies in the aerospace engineering market with personnel of over 320 workers. Established in 1992, the company provides innovative and reliable integrated technological solutions to multiple segments such as aerospace, defense, energy, and automotive.

About Opto Eletrônica division of Space and Defense

Opto Eletrônica is a technology company specialized in developing optronic products to the medical, industrial, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and defense sectors. Founded in 1985, it has invested over R$200 million to reach its existing optronic technology portfolio. It is the only Brazilian company to have access to strategic technology of this sort.

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