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The agreement was signed during LAAD 2023, the largest Defense and Security Trade Exhibition in Latin America, which takes place between April 11th and 14th, in Rio de Janeiro

Akaer, a Brazilian company with more than 30 years of experience in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the Defense and Aerospace sectors, promoted a partnership with the Saudi company Intra Defense Technologies for the development of drones in that country. The agreement was signed on April 12, 2023, by Intra’s Executive Director of Alliances, Hmoud Alshethre, and Akaer’s CEO, Cesar Silva. Also present at the ceremony was the Intra’s UAV Test Pilot, Mohammed Aljehani.

The two companies entered into a contract for the development of large unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to initially meet the needs of Saudi Arabia. The project, however, may be extended to other countries and regions.

This is a crucial partnership for the Akaer’s growth in important markets for Brazil, such as the Middle East. We are expanding our actions around the world and creating new sources of synergy”, comments the company’s CEO, Cesar Silva.

Currently, Intra operates UAVs in Saudi Arabia with great success, accumulating over 4,000 flight hours in different missions. The partner company developed two VTOL UAVs (which perform vertical landing and takeoff), one of which is on display at LAAD Defense & Security, which takes place in Rio de Janeiro, between April 11th and 14th.

The partnership between Akaer and Intra will follow the concept of the VISION 2030 Program of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which foresees a majority content of the Program in that country.

The first project started to be developed in January 2023, and foresees the production of a prototype of a Class 3 twin-engined UAV, but the trend is that other systems will be created in the near future. However, the partnership with Akaer will be even broader, with the aim of developing bolder solutions.

About Akaer

Akaer has 31 years of experience in the development of cutting – edge technologies for the Defense, Aerospace and Industry 4.0 sectors, with clients in Brazil and abroad. The company is headquartered in the municipality of São José dos Campos (SP/Brazil), and has commercial offices in two other countries – Turkey and Portugal. The company brought exclusive novelties to LAAD, such as batteries, hybrid UAVs , satellite cameras and the announcement of new partnerships. The event takes place at Riocentro and brings together large companies and organizations from the sector.

More information about the company on the website:

During LAAD, Akaer is in Hall 3, booth H33.

More information about LAAD can be obtained at .

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